now that's some painting

I don't even know where my scattered brain landed on this Australian artist, Laura Jones, recently, but I keep coming back to her site and staring. There's a clear link to Matisse, but wow, she's almost better than Matisse. That's right, I said it…. I think her still lifes (lives?) blow his just a tad out of the water. 

Laura Jones, Windflowers and glass jars 2014, oil on linen, 60 x 50 cm

While I love still life and landscape painting, I really have to force myself to do it - like vacuuming.   And like vacuuming or going to the gym, I'm quite happy I did it afterwards. Hopefully I'll take this inspiration and run with it. I feel like Jack Nicolson in that movie where he's kind of a dick and he says to Helen Hunt, "You make me want to be a better man."    These make me want to be a better painter.