Blacklisted from Facebook

I realize I should tread carefully and probably shouldn't make comments like the one in my last blog post "I hate Facebook, I really do.". Besides, I kind of want to eat my words after just finding an article about their artist's residency program. Sounds really interesting and sheds an impressive light on the company. And I should admit, I mostly hate it since my mother joined and started barraging me with comments and tags (me with my cousin on the toilet at 5 years old? Thanks a lot.) It may be now defunct, because I can't find any application info or recent news, but here's an interesting article from 2012.

I doubt I would ever be considered for an opportunity like this, after I made and sold t shirts several years back on Etsy that said "Facebook ruined my life" :

(I'm no longer making these t shirts, but if you do a search you'll find someone has copied the idea and design exactly and is selling them now)

Now to say Facebook ruined my life is certainly an exaggeration. But I do have a story about how it upended my life for several years by prompting a relationship that led me to pack up my life and move  3000 miles across the country. But that's another post, I think...