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Kelly Witmer is a multi-disciplinary artist splitting her time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree, CA.

Born in a small Amish town in Pennsylvania, Kelly received her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with additional studies at Parsons School of Design in Paris, France. She has attended several artist’s residencies as well as creating a program for visiting artists in Joshua Tree, called Rancho Paradiso.

More of a general practitioner than a specialist, Kelly works in various forms of paint as well as printmaking, ceramics, and glass work. She often combines her interests in 2D and 3D with sculptural canvases and installations. Underlying themes are the usual suspects of memory, irony, media, loss and the wonders of nature and science. 

Kelly has done several public art commissions through the city of Los Angeles, including a bus stop mural in Echo Park and a mosaic in Eagle Rock. She has taken many private as well as commercial painting commissions, working with designers and art directors for film sets or retail stores such as Urban Outfitters. In 2006 Kelly partnered with a friend to build a two bedroom house from the ground up in Los Angeles, using library books and the internet as guides. This was a chance to learn and think about designing spaces for daily living and maximum use of materials, as well as developing skills in drywalling, woodworking and tiling, which have crossed over into her artwork.

She relishes the challenge of new projects, thoroughly enjoying the research, planning and excuse to work with new mediums.


 The loiterers outside my studio

The loiterers outside my studio